ZoneFirst, previously Zone-A-Trol, is a company synonymous with hydronic zoning dating back to the 1950's, inventing the original motorized dampers and registers. The ZoneFirst company message is that zoning must be the primary consideration in designing any HVAC System. ZoneFirst products can be used with any forced air heating and cooling system to improve the overall comfort, increase the energy efficiency of the HVAC System, and provide added convenience of a thermostat in each room or zone. Zoning allow homes and offices to be divided into temperature zones creating room to room temperature control. ZoneFirst is capable of providing a thermostat for each room in any given space. The thermostat signals an automatic air control damper in the duct, for that room or zone, which controls the flow of the conditioned (heated or cooled) air.

When duct work is not laid out for zoning, ZoneFirst's Retro-RoundTM insert and Outlet Zone Dampers is the solution. When you can't run wires to upstairs zones, ZoneFirst new Wireless Thermostat can get the job done. When complex wiring makes it frustrating to expand or change configurations, ZoneFirst's E-Z Wiring controls are ease to configure up to 10 dampers per zone.

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