RST IAQ is a subdivision of RST Thermal.  We have leveraged our deep knowledge, connections and skill in the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) industry to create a brand that specifically revolves around the research, market analysis, representation, distribution and support of IAQ products.  Please reach out to learn more.

TE2 Engineering

TE2 Engineering is a consulting engineering firm that was established in 2010. In a relatively short time the company has grown to provide a list of engineering services including; building and energy analysis, mechanical, electrical and plumbing design, and renewable energy design. The company’s goal is to provide a solution that meets the expectations of the end user and is financially feasible.

The technological curve is so sharp, and staying ahead of it can be a challenge. TE2 Engineering is comprised of both young talented engineers and the more experienced type to create an environment where creativity and practicality blend. Balancing efficiency, cost and comfort is no easy challenge but our unique team of problem solvers can approach problems from various angles to arrive at the best solution.

Hydronic Heating Association

The Hydronic Heating Association (HHA) was formed to set industry standards, educate contractors, and inform the public about the benefits of having a quality hot water system installed.

After seeing too many poorly installed heating and cooling systems, HHA wanted to promote the latest standards of technology with their pride and tradition of having the best workmanship.

It's time homeowners receive the best value for their money because the bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of the low price is forgotten.