Unico System

Unico is the established market and innovative leader in the small duct high velocity heating and cooling system world. Unico’s mini duct system installs anywhere with quiet comfort. Once positioned as an afterthought air conditioning system for homes with radiators, Unico has emerged as a main line product and whole solution for heating and cooling solutions. The ductwork takes up about 25% of conventional ductwork and fits anywhere. The aspiration style delivery method leads to less temperature difference throughout any building and removes 30% more humidity. Sound attenuator tubing reduces high velocity noise to a whisper and provides an insulated vapor barrier to prevent condensation from forming on the outside of the duct.

Unico has many industry exclusives like modular air handlers, advanced control boards, small tonnage air handlers, chilled water coils and hot water heating coils, small tonnage chillers. Unichiller outdoor chiller units provide both hot and cold water for central heating and cooling, and Spot Cooling provides temperature relief just where needed in hot industrial and commercial environments. An innovator in outlet options: 2” round, slotted, and angled, in over 30 finishes and colors like wood, brass, stainless and gold.

Unico has introduced the Green Series by taking their traditional air handler and make it a more intelligent, energy-efficient, and environmentally friendly unit. The new Green Series features the SCB (S.M.A.R.T. Control Board) and the new EC (Electronically Commutated) motor to create a Small-Duct High-Velocity air delivery system superior to any other in the industry.

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So, How Many Outlets Do I Need?

So How Many Outlets Do I Need?
By Craig Messmer, VP Engineering
I get asked sometimes “how many outlets do we need?” This is an important question and can differ for each installation. We like to keep things simple so someone from Unico might say • “5 per ton” or • “6 per ton”, or even • “8 per ton”. You will hear different numbers depending on the audience and what we think is most appropriate. A good quick answer and compromise is to say “6 per ton”. The best answer is to say “it depends”, and it does. It depends on the application and customer expectations. It also depends on the size and type of outlet. We have 2 inch and 2.5 inch round outlets, and we have three different rectangular outlets. It is interesting that our customer expectations, mostly in terms of sound levels, have changed over the years. It seems that people are wanting quieter and quieter systems. This is one of the main reasons our minimum number of outlets has increased. The other is due to regulations. The minimum efficiency for our product has steadily increased which required us to increase the rated airflow requirements (250 CFM per nominal ton). This is another reason the minimum number of outlets increased over the years. To get the right number of outlets for your project, understand the mechanics of the problem and the tradeoffs. First determine how many outlets are needed to deliver the required airflow. This is the minimum number of outlets needed. Then, determine how quiet you want each outlet to be, based on the CFM per outlet. You may need to add outlets. A quick rule of thumb is as follows: Number of Outlets per Nominal Ton Outlet Type Standard Quiet Quieter Really Quiet 2.5 inch round 4 6 9 12 2.0 inch round 5 7 11 14 Slotted outlet 6 8 12 16 Our bulletins have lots of information to help you decide the appropriate number of outlets. Bulletin 20-054 provides airflow information (CFM vs length vs static pressure) for both the 2 and 2.5 inch ducts. This information along with the static pressure as calculated from Bulletin 40-40 will set the minimum number of outlets. Bulletin 20-054 also provides sound data for the round outlets. This tells you how many outlets you should increase above the minimum. Refer to Bulletin 20-070 for similar sound data for the rectangular outlets. And, if all else fails, you can contact our Customer Service group to guide you through this process. They can be reached at 800-527-0896 or by email at service@unicosystem.com.