Duckt-Strip® with Rip-n-Strip™ technology is a new kind of mini-split cable that provides the installer with everything they need in one cable. Meeting all of the approvals & qualifications for a mini-split cable, The Duckt-Strip® cable is preferred by Electrical Inspectors. The Rip-N-Strip™ technology gives the installed the ability to quickly strip the wire without using stripper, knives, or cutters. This makes the process faster, safer and more cost-effective in the long run.

Contractors will enjoy knowing that their mini-split installation already meets code with the all-in-one Duckt-Strip® cable. They’ll enjoy saving money on the less time it takes to run Duckt-Strip® versus traditional wiring. And they’ll be glad they’re not paying medical expenses for cuts and gouges that occur when stripping traditional wire.

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