Opera Electronics

Opera pioneered the introduction of practical commercial gas monitoring systems over 40 years ago.

Steady improvements in the precision, reliability, and durability of the monitors has kept them on top in North America.

  • 1995 - first addressable chain network for gas sensors, drastically reducing field wiring.
  • 2005 - first peer-to-peer sensor network, eliminating the need for clunky (and pricy) central controllers.
  • 2010 - first gas sensor certified by BACnet Testing Laboratories.
  • 2015 - first secure stand-alone gas monitoring system with BACnet gateway

Opera systems protect lives and property and improve the health of occupants in; -

  • office towers
  • condominiums
  • schools
  • laboratories
  • arenas
  • food processing plants
  • cold storage facilities
  • municipal facilities
  • hotels
  • fire stations
  • greenhouses
  • automobile, bus and truck dealers
  • vehicle maintenance facilities
  • warehouses
  • loading docks
Opera strives to deliver the best value and selection of features, and they also strive to be on top when it comes to customer service.  For the past 5 years over 95% of all orders are shipped the same day!

For more information, contact our main office to speak with one of our Sales Reps or visit: