The Aermec catalogue includes portable room dehumidifiers, portable room air conditioners, room air conditioners and heat pumps split and multisplit traditional and inverter systems ‐ Idrosplit and Idrobloc systems ‐ fancoils ‐ water condensed monobloc air conditioners ‐ air condensed two sec on air conditioners ‐ air handling units ‐ heating recovery units ‐ roof top ‐ air or water cooled and heat pump water chillers with capacities ranging from 3 to 1600 kw ‐ geothermal heat pump – condensing units ‐ system components. Aermec belongs to the European Eurovent Programme for the certification of output declared by machine manufacturers. The fan coils distributed on the U.S. market have been awarded the ETL certification.

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