Raw water makeup is the primary source of contamination in closed hydronic systems. Take control over what goes into your boiler systems by installing an Axiom packaged system feeder. Whether using high quality makeup water, molybdates, nitrites, or glycol, Axiom feeders allow the feeding of a compatible fluid that helps maintain the health and operating performance of the system.

Axiom system pressurization and feeder tanks eliminate the connection and the required backflow prevention to the potable water supply; there will never be a cross-connection. System pressure is automatically maintained with a compatible fluid; no more callbacks to “top off” system pressure. Monitoring the fluid level in the feeder provides an indication of the presence and magnitude of any leaks. For flood protection, if system ruptures, only the fluid in the feeder can be pumped out. Fluid stored in a feeder tank at room temperature and atmospheric pressure will contain much less entrained air than a domestic water supply. Axiom makes it simple to replace fluid drained for service. A feeder will provide leak detection and flood prevention, and make it easy to put fluid drained for service back into the system. Axiom feeders are easily installed and can be alarmed. Another benefit of Axiom is to eliminate the piping and backflow prevention required between hydronic and potable water systems.

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